Monday, March 17, 2008

Offshore Staff

Lots of opportunities have been aroused in the globe for outsourcing works. One of the foremost outsourcing works dedicated to software application developments. Offshore staff gets noticed by leading companies for their offshore works and treated as paradigm for the success of any organization. Offshore staff is not only restricted to Information technology domain but also other domains like healthcare, law, financial, real estate, entertainment, geographical and other sectors. Offshore staff is worked collaborative with in-house staff to achieve the organization goals in short period. Business-in-hurry needs this cutting edge approach to stay in the competition so that company can reduce its overhead costs along with increase productivity without incurring any further infrastructure development costs. Giving assurance for quality works, offshore staff is worked for only little remuneration which is very affordable rate for any companies. According to the time zone of the client, offshore staff is ready to adjust their official timings whenever there is any need to alter. Offshore staff keeps confidential regarding matters of their clients related to the intellectual properties of client and sophisticated information of the business. The dedicated project managers manage each and every tasks relating to offshore staff and set bridges between the client companies and offshore providers.

CAT Technologies Ltd has years of experience in providing offshore staffing to the domestic companies as well as international IT companies.WE maintain a dedicated teams of manpower thereby ensuring fast deployment.The technical and creative abilities of the resources will be ensured by us through a very rigorous selection and quality process.Excellent infrastructure support including high-quality PCs,networking and high speed Internet.The way of work it self is the demonstration of our values that include excellence integrity in all our business communications, commitment to our customers both internal & external support along with quality business ethics.

Benefits by utilizing our offshore staff :

1. Dedicated performence from our offshore staff

2. Highly skilled, experienced, world-class software engineers, web developers,and designers.

3. Technical support and phone support facilities available on 24/7.No other expenses like office supplies,taxes,HR expenses etc.

4. Worktimes will be adjusted as per your requirements. The staff works exclusively for you working for 8 hours per day, 6 days in a week.

5. The staff works as per your control using the resources from our development centers in Hyderabad,India and their skills will be suitable according to your project needs.

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